Warranty | Important Information about Our Fire Pit Grills

Own one of our outdoor wood burning Fire Pit Grills and it will quickly become the focal point and place to be during any of your outdoor barbecues, cocktail parties, or family gatherings.

Each of our Fire Pit Grills comes with a 5 Year Manufacturer's warranty! Most places only offer a 1 Year or 2 Year warranty. Five full years!

Every one of our Outdoor Fire Pit Grills comes with a FREE poker (pit hook), weather cover, and spark screen. All included FREE in the price you see!

PLUS, we also ship these grills FREE! No shipping or handling charges!

These fire pit grills are decorated with different designs and cut-out symbols and are the perfect compliment for any outdoor living area, campground, beach, patio or backyard.

Item Specifications:

  • FREE Shipping!
  • Natural rust patina finish ages beautifully over time.
  • Portable design allows fire pit to move easily from patio to beach and beyond.
  • Safety ring surrounding fire pit also functions as a footrest and handle.
  • Manufactured from cold-rolled steel for years of durability.
  • Sturdy legs are welded in place to prevent pit from wobbling.
  • Comes fully assembled for immediate use.
  • Five-year warranty by Patina Products. Guaranteed not to rust or burn through.

  • Color: Natural Rust Patina
  • Measurements: Bowl - 24" diameter
  • Safety Ring - 30" diameter
  • Overall Height - 16"
  • Weight: approx. 50 lbs.
  • Materials: 16 Gauge Cold Rolled Steel
  • Heat Source: Wood or Charcoal
  • Included: Poker, Fire Pit Grill, Spark Screen and Vinyl Weather Cover when grill is not being used.



If you plan to use your fire pit on a wood deck, we recommend placing it over a protective pad or paving stones which can be purchased at your local hardware store.

Manufacturing Information:

Logos and images are cut into the sides of our fire pits using a CNC (Computer Numeric Control) Plasma Cutter and the finished product is 100% hand-welded and hand-finished.
As such, slight variations in patina finish, as well as resolution and detail of customer supplied and/or custom logos are normal, and may vary due to the nature of our manufacturing process.
Variations include, but are not limited to patina (rust) finish, logo or image placement, quality (thickness, resolution) of line art, cut and weld penetration and uniformity.

Anatomy of a Fire Pit:

We have dissected our fire pit so that you can see what makes them so special.
With an emphasis on quality, safety, and style, the Patina Products fire pit is an example of uncompromising design and craftsmanship.

Kaboodle Gifts Fire Pit GrillsAnatomy of a Fire Pit

Fire Pit Safety Instructions:

***Please read all SAFETY information before using your Fire Pit Grill Failure to heed safety instructions may cause serious bodily injury or death, or damage to property.***

  • Fire pits are designed for outdoor use ONLY.
  • Fire pits are hot while in use. Never attempt to touch or move fire pit while in use.
  • Do not use gasoline or other highly volatile fluid to ignite wood or charcoals.
  • Do not place fire pit on grass or wood deck while in use. Heat may be conducted through bottom of fire pit and scorch grass or wood, resulting in fire.
  • Do not remove BURNING wood, ash, or hot coals from fire pit.
  • Do not use in windy conditions.
  • Do not burn paper or any other lightweight material that may float away and begin a fire.
  • Barbeque mitts or poker should be used when removing or replacing screen over a hot fire pit.
  • Charcoal lighter fluid may be used to start fire or coals. Cap fluid container before starting fire, and place a safe distance away from fire pit. NEVER add charcoal lighter fluid once fire has been lit.
  • Use safety screen at all times when fire pit is lit. Safety screen is designed to minimize floating debris, which may start a fire causing damage to person or property.


Fire Pit Warranty Information:

Patina Products fire pits have been manufactured under the highest standards of quality and are unconditionally guaranteed to be free from defects in material and workmanship.

However, logos and images are cut into the sides of our fire pits using a CNC plasma cutter and the finished product is 100% hand welded and hand finished.
As such, slight variations in patina finish as well as resolution and detail of artwork, and/or custom logos or custom designed artwork are normal and may vary due to the nature of our manufacturing process.
Variations include but are not limited to patina (rust) finish, logo, image, or text placement, size of logo, image or text, quality (thickness, resolution) of line art, cut and weld penetration, and uniformity.

Patina Products fire pits are not painted.
Instead we apply a natural rust patina finish to the fire pits that will age beautifully over time.
The rust patina finish may have a yellow, brown, or even green appearance at first, and may be flaky, dusty, or gritty to the touch.
The finish may also rub off on your hands or clothing if touched.
It may also leave rust marks on hard surface patios and decks and we therefore recommend placing a non-flammable pad, cement pavers, bricks, or a large piece of flagstone under the fire pit for added protection.

Patina Products warrants to the original consumer purchaser for a period of five years, that the fire box of the fire pit will not rust or burn through.
If this fire pit should ever experience burn or rust through of the fire box, Patina Products will FREE OF CHARGE replace the fire pit.
A replacement fire pit may be obtained by calling 805.474.1354, or by emailing info@patinaproducts.com. Proof of purchase (original sales receipt) must accompany all warranty claims.

All accessories, including the spark screen, grill, poker or weather cover are not covered by this warranty, nor is the four mesh fire screen welded to the inner circumference of the fire drum.
Therefore, only the fire pit will be replaced under a warranty condition, and under no circumstances shall Patina Products include any of the accessories with the replacement fire pit.

Also not covered by this warranty is the guarantee that letters and detailed artwork cut into the sides of the fire pit will stay afixed to the fire pit.
Logos and letters cut into the sides of our fire pit are cut in fine detail, with tolerances up to 1/32" (.030 inches). Therefore thin pieces of hanging metal may, over the course of time, fall out.
For instance, the upper inside portion of the letter 'A' or the foot of a bird might break away.

Patina Products does, however, offer some welding services at no charge to customers with non warranty issues.
Please contact customer service at 805.474.1354 if you have a non warranty issue with your fire pit.

Customers with custom designed fire pits who have an issue with images or text must call or email Patina Products to report their problem.
If Patina Products concludes there is an error, the fire pit must be sent back to Patina Products, at our expense, to be inspected.
Patina Products has the sole discretion as to whether they will fix the fire pit or issue a new one.
Fixes may involve cutting and welding of the fire pit.
This process may take up to three weeks to resolve.

This warranty is extensive in that it covers replacement of the fire pit.
However, damage due to product abuse and product misuse are excluded from this warranty.
This warranty gives you specific legal rights and you may also have other rights which vary from state to state, province to province, nation to nation.

Patina Products will advise you of the procedure to follow in making warranty claims.
Simply call or email Patina Products using the phone number and email address above.
Explain the defect and include proof of purchase and your name, address, area code and telephone number.