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How to Attract Birds to Your Garden, Patio, Backyard

When is the best time and where do I place bird houses?
Actually, anytime is a good time to put up your birdhouse! As our feathered friends (birds) begin to search for a place to make their nest and call home, make sure your birdhouse is in place and ready for their inspection. Most bird aficionado's feel that birdhouses may need to be put up in the last days of Winter or very early Spring.

But what if it's past this time period? Am I out of luck until next season? No, absolutely not! Birds may find the nesting place they originally chose in early Spring, to actually be unsuitable for nesting for various reasons. Or perhaps a young male bird may have found his new mate late in the season. These birds and others will be needing a nest box, so why not your new birdhouse? A specific season is not always the ruling factor. Remember, there are also many different types of birds that raise more than one nest of baby birds each year.

In most places, as the weather changes in late Autumn and into Winter, non-migratory birds can use birdhouses as an escape from the chilling rain, wind, snow or ice. How nice it is for them to find a safe haven for comfort! Try to face your birdhouse away from the prevailing directions of winds during Spring and Summer, if possible, and primarily close to a nearby tree or bush. Most birds, particularly parent birds, may land for a few minutes on this handy perching area to survey the surroundings, making sure it is safe to proceed into the house. They also may sit outside the house at times, watching the area for danger from which to defend the birdhouse.

Like us humans, Birds can be a bit choosy about their future home.
Some will inspect several houses before deciding on a particular one. A good idea is to give the birds more than one birdhouse to look over in your yard. By giving them a choice, you might keep them from choosing one in your neighbor's yard. Sometimes, you'll even get lucky and have a pair of birds occupy a birdhouse within hours of the time you put it up! Sometimes it takes weeks, months, or even years. If a birdhouse has not been used after a year, try moving it to a different location.

Helping Birds Make Their Nests:
As a general rule, birds normally make nests, in which to lay their eggs, beginning in early Spring, on into late Summer. Finding material to build their nests can often be a very time-consuming process for them. But there are simple and inexpensive ways you can help your feathered friends.

Gather and offer items that birds can use to make their nest:

  • short strips of fabric
  • pet or human hair
  • short sticks
  • small pieces of cotton batting
  • flower petals
  • short pieces of yarn or string (less than 4" long so the babies and adult birds don't get tangled)

Be aware: never use dryer fabric softener sheets as the chemicals may be harmful and don't use the lint from your dryer either, as it may easily disintegrate in the rain, causing the nest to weaken or possibly break apart.

Place the items in an empty suet basket or mesh bag so they are easily accessible to birds, but will not blow away. (A mesh bag that Oranges or Onions come in from the supermarket works fine.) Slightly pull some of the material through the mesh so it is hanging out and easier to see, then hang the basket or bag on a fence or on a tree branch near a birdhouse, where the birds will find it.

Be sure keep your feeders full:
Nesting parents as well as parent birds with babies, need to keep fed often and can always use a little help in finding food easily.

Don't forget to keep an ample supply of fresh clean water nearby also.

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