Delivery Times of Your Purchases:

Delivery times vary upon the item ordered.

Every item we sell on our website has a product's "Estimated Delivery" information within its description. Please pay attention to this, before making a purchase. We cannot be held responsible if you did not read an item's description thoroughly.

If you would like to order an item and need to know approximately how long it would take to be delivered, simply look at the item's description and you will see it's Estimated Delivery Information listed.

Personalized items naturally take longer to ship. Please be aware that items that are personalized by painting, engraving, carving, monogramming, or sewing adds time onto the order fulfillment process, followed by the shipping process, which naturally, adds more time.

We are NOT responsible for any delays during the shipping or delivery process that are out of our control: such as weather, accidents, manufacturing issues or problems, etc.

By placing an order through our Shopping Cart System, you agree to NOT hold us liable for any delays in your order’s Shipment or Delivery.

For more information, you can review our Shipping Information here:

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